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About Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry defines the practices a farmer employs to raise his/her animals for productive and profitable farming.
Profitable livestock enterprise will depend on good genetics (30%) and good management 70%. These includes;

Feeding animals requires both quality and quantity. Any compromise of the two will result to poor performance.

Housing provides security and comfort to the animal. Different animal species have different housing requirements while the age of the animal will require different housing. Example, for a mature cattle, housing will be of paramount importance for security against theft and predators while a calf will require these plus protection from adverse weather such as draught and rain.

Disease control at farm level involves the practices that are employed to keep off diseases ensuring animals remain healthy. These includes practices like bio-security, parasite control, vaccinations, etc.

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The mill is located approximately 160 km from Nairobi, in Kiganjo, Nyeri District within the beautiful and celebrated Mt. Kenya region and the luscious golden wheat lands of Timau.

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